Acupuncture Charts Around the Web

Although there is not an abundance of acupuncture charts out there for viewing on the internet, there are still a few helpful and interesting ones scattered across many different websites that you can find if you look hard enough for them.

On this page, I have gathered a bunch of links to these resources for you, and give you a short summary of the contents of each link.

This way, you can just bookmark this page for all your acupuncture chart-related needs, instead of having to scour the internet for hours to find them.

As I was assembling these links, I ranked them from 1 to 10 based on how valuable I felt the images or products they display would be to you. I put the best-rated resources on top and moved down from there.

Free Acupuncture Charts

10/10 – This site hosts several PDF files of acupuncture-related images. These have a ton of awesome info and images in them.

10/10 – This is a great site with tons of information about my personal favorite energy healing technique, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). This page also contains a great image that shows all of the meridians of the body at once.

10/10 – This site has a great 3D model of the acupuncture meridians on the body. What is most interesting is that you can click on the name of a meridian, then click on a specific point name in that meridian, and the image will create a glowing dot at that specific point. This is a great tool for locating acupuncture points.

10/10 – This site has a free acupuncture chart to view for each meridian. The artwork is somewhat retro but the images are still useful.

9/10 – This site hosts a bunch of acupuncture-related PDF files from other websites. Even though the files are not unique to this site, it is easier having them all hosted here than having to find them each individually.

9/10 – (Warning: Page may load slow and image contains simulated male nudity). This is a very interesting 3D-style diagram of the human body with all of the acupuncture meridians and points showing on half of it.

9/10 – This site hosts free images of each of the meridians. The images are of decent quality.

8/10 – This site hosts some great information about the acupuncture points and meridians. If you click on the “points” tab at the top of the page, you can also find their acupuncture meridian images as well. They are somewhat dated but not terrible in quality.

7/10 – This site hosts several different PDF files of various acupuncture resources. Some of these are not unique to this site, but they are useful nonetheless.

4/10 – This site has some free acupuncture meridian images and a few PDF files. Some of these resources are not unique to this site, but are useful nonetheless.

4/10 – We are all familiar with Wikipedia. The page only has one image on it, but it still is a decent one and has information related to the various acupuncture points and meridians.

1/10 – This site has a few traditional-styled Chinese acupuncture images. They are not very useful in my opinion, but the art style is interesting.

Paid Acupuncture Charts

10/10 – This site has a great selection of acupuncture posters for sale, including some great images of specific body parts and their related meridians and points.

10/10 – This site has a great selection of acupuncture-related posters for sale.

9/10 – This is a very interesting site that appears to be selling acupuncture chart software that can be used on your computer to keep track of acupuncture points. Very unique stuff.

8/10 – This site sells a few printed charts and also sells some physical models of the human body, including body parts like hands, feet, and ears.

8/10 – Another site that sells posters and 3D body models. It also sells many acupuncture-related tools.

7/10 – This site sells a full body acupuncture chart as well as a five elements chart. They appear to be pretty good quality.

7/10 – A site dedicated to providing animal acupuncture charts.

5/10 – This site has a few acupuncture meridian posters for sale. It also appears to have some useful information about acupressure.

4/10 – This site sells some stranger-looking (less modern) wall posters. It also sells some posters related to the five elements of acupuncture.

4/10 – We are all familiar with eBay. They sell all sorts of stuff, apparently including acupuncture posters.

4/10 – This site has a decent selection of wall posters.

3/10 – This site sells some acupuncture charts, including a few reflexology charts.

3/10 – This site has selection of some standard acupuncture charts, including some body part charts.

3/10 – This site has some body part meridian posters for sale, as well as some related books.

2/10 – This site has some very retro wall posters for sale.

2/10 – This site is unique. Is has equine acupuncture charts only. For the layman, “equine” means horse.

1/10 – This site has a few charts for purchase. They have a retro look to them. They also have an ear acupuncture chart available.

1/10 – This site has only a single acupuncture poster for sale. But it is an interesting one that also shows the skeletal structure of the body.

Tools – This website has an acupuncture points study tool that is combined with their impressive database containing information about every acupuncture point in the body.